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Kappa statistics for Attribute Agreement Analysis

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What is Kappa? Everything to know about Twitch's most famous meme.

Meaning kappa Stats: What

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What does Kappa mean?

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What is Kappa and How Does It Measure Inter

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Unfortunately, the Kappa prefers to use its gifts to play tricks on humans or lash out violently towards them.

  • To calculate the percentage of agreement, add the number of times the abstractors agree on the same data item, then divide that sum by the total number of data items.

  • There is different variations of Kappa that sprawled out over the years, each with a different take on the legendary emote.

Kappa (folklore)

We're just going to talk about the globulins.

  • Without this water, a Kappa could possibly die.

  • A second example of Kappa.

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