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Paleoenvironmental history of the West Baray, Angkor (Cambodia) — University of Miami's Research Profiles

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Angkor baray West Baray

Angkor baray West Baray

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Angkor baray West Baray

West Baray

Part of this movement to limit the impacts of tourism has been to only open certain areas of the site.

  • Today, only the western two-thirds of the baray is filled with water and the average depth is about 4 meters.

  • During that time, the West Baray received relatively high rates of detrital input.


Rainfall varies in the region between 1180-1850 millimeters 46-73 inches per year, mostly in the wet season.

  • The baray was utilized and managed from the time of construction in the early 11th century, through the 13th century.

  • According to an excavation in the 1960s, there must have been a prehistoric site near the Ak Yum temple.