Blm 2022 - BLM goes on a hiring spree

2022 blm Black Lives

2022 blm BLM's millions

2022 blm Couple who

Black Lives Matter purchases $6 million property with donation money

2022 blm BLM Claims

Couple who defaced BLM mural in Martinez take deals in burglary and vandalism cases

2022 blm Couple who

2022 blm Black Lives

BLM Claims Mansion Will END Racism

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2022 blm Mayor Eric

2022 blm Running Up

2022 blm Black Lives

BLM goes on a hiring spree

BLM Announces Plan for Record Roundups in 2022 — The Cloud Foundation

Some were tragic and cops need to be punished but non of these people were good citizens, they were criminals.

  • This movement has appeared as a reflection and a reaction to that legacy.

  • David Nelson, 54, and Nicole Anderson, 43, accepted deals for not just the vandalism charges, but they were hit with while the vandalism case was pending.