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Free Rune Readings. Nordic Rune Stones, their Meanings and Free Fortune Telling Rune Readings. Freyr's aett, Hagal's aett, Tyr's aett.

Meaning runes Rune Meanings

The Meaning of Each of the Rune Stone Symbols

Meaning runes Norse Runes

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Meaning runes Runes Spiritual

The Elder Futhark Runes And Their Meanings — Shieldmaiden's Sanctum

Meaning runes Rune Information


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Rune Stone Meanings And Symbols The balance in life recognized in the of Chinese origin is interpreted by the Vikings as fire and ice, opposing forces having the most influence on the planet we live in.

  • More than 6,000 inscriptions using Younger Futhark symbols survive from around Scandinavia.

  • The compelling insight they provide has to do with filtering thoughts and ideas deep within the subconscious that reveal hidden truths.