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Americans Who Give Birth in 2021 Are Eligible for More Stimulus Money

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Your Baby’s First . . . Tantrum

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My baby is fussy! Is something wrong? •

In a classroom, a child who paces or slaps himself is a distraction for neurotypical students.

  • When your baby gets just a little older, she will probably take the lead—grabbing the book and gumming it—while you ask her how it tastes! It is very difficult to feel good about yourself as a parent when you have a fussy baby.

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Stimming in Autism: Behaviors, Causes, Management

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  • Every parent and knows from first-hand experience that babies calm down when they are picked up, gently rocked, and carried around the room.

  • The idea is to reduce the amount of stimulation—sights, sounds, touches, and movements—that he is experiencing.