Scope 3 pubg - PUBG Mobile: Best sensitivity settings for zero recoil in 2022

Pubg scope 3 √ Setting

Pubg scope 3 3x Backlit

6x Scope

Pubg scope 3 PUBG’s New

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Pubg scope 3 PUBG Update

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PUBG Best Weapons: Tier List By Pro Player [2022]

Pubg scope 3 8x Scope

I want to change the design of the crosshair on my scope. — PUBG Mobile Help Center

Pubg scope 3 3x Scope

Pubg scope 3 √ Setting

PUBG’s New Tactical Pack Will Be Game

There are only two ways to heal yourself back to 100 per cent - the very rare Medkit, which instantly heals you to 100 per cent after 10 seconds, and 'boost' items like Energy Drinks and Painkillers, which will heal you over time.

  • PUBG update 29 is live: here's our guide to the latest to get you up to speed.

  • On PUBG Mobile, you could set ADS to be tapped or held.