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She then provided cover for landings at in the Molucca Islands on 7 April, at on on 8 April, at on the coast of Netherlands New Guinea on 12 April, and at and on off the north coast of on 15 April 1942.

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  • She rendezvoused with Mizuho south of at 10:00 on 30 January 1942, and the two seaplane carriers spent the day in the , providing cover for Japanese invasion forces approaching Ambon and conducting harassing bombing raids against on that doubled as reconnaissance flights.

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On 5 and 6 May 1944, Chitose embarked aircraft of Air Group 653, and on 11 May 1944 she departed , Japan, to head for in the southern Philippines, where she and her Chiyoda — which also had been converted from a seaplane carrier into an aircraft carrier — were to rendezvous with a task force consisting of the battleship , the aircraft carriers , , , and , and three destroyers.

  • The reason Chitose came looking for Tsukasa is that their Grandaunt is worried.

  • However, in silhouette, a major difference from the Kuma class was in the configuration of the , which incorporated an aircraft hangar.