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But later in the song, it becomes more apparent that she has her eyes on a particular dude.

  • Why is he doomed not to reach his potential? Como Ella Me Quiere a M� She's Been Good to Me 5.

  • It was initially released through and on June 11, 2021, as the sole promotional single from her third studio album, , and impacted American stations on August 31, 2021, as the third single from the record.


Poof, pussy like an Alakazam I heard from a friend of a friend That that dick was a ten out of ten I can't stand it, just one night me Clink with the drink, gimme a sip Tell me what's your kink, gimme the dick Spank me, slap me, choke me, bite me Ew Oh, wait, I can take it Ah Give a fuck 'bout what your wifey's sayin' Yeah Wanna know what it's like Like Baby, show me what it's like Like I don't really got no type Type I just wanna fuck all night Je veux juste baiser toute la nuit Ouais-ouais, oh-woah-woah Oh, ooh, mmm Bébé, j'ai besoin de savoir, mmm Ouais, j'ai besoin de savoir J'ai fantasmé Fantasmé Et on a un max de temps Temps Bébé, balance ta bite Bite Je dois savoir ce que ça fait Fait Ouais-ouais, oh-woah-woah Bébé, j'ai besoin de savoir, mmm C'est quoi, ta taille? La bouffer jusqu'à ce que j 'ai besoin de changer mon string T'es d'accord? It's a quarter after one.

  • Eat it 'til I need to change my thong You okay? We could do it to your favorite song You okay? It peaked at 41 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in 1978.

  • Como ella me quiere a mi She's Been Good to Me 4.