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47 Rare Pictures of Ip Man

Ching ip Martial arts

Does anyone here train under Ip Ching, or Master Ron Hienberger?

Ching ip IP CHING

Ching ip Martial arts

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My Father Ip Man

Ching ip Ip Ching

Ching ip Ip Ching

Ching ip Ip Ching

Ching ip Martial arts

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Grandmaster Ip Ching 葉正

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This lack of detail leaves one at times wondering.

  • There is only a fractional difference between winners in life and those who merely exist.

  • Using human dynamics and centreline theory, Wing Chun employs simple and quick movements that enable a practitioner to defend against a much larger and stronger opponent and even multiple opponents using technique rather than strength with devastating results.

Kung Fu Master Ip Man’s Son, Ip Ching, Passes Away at 83

Qualified student receive quality training through personal instruction by Master Chan or one of his certified instructors.

  • The public press conference was held as a response to the allegations of his rival Ip Chun.

  • Well there's a number of things I'm looking for.

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