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Judge devil The Devil

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Judge devil The Devil

Devil What You Need To Know About Ji Sung's New Drama

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Judge devil The Devil

Judge devil The Devil

Judge devil The Devil

Judge devil The Devil

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Why did Ga-on betray Yo-Han in The Devil Judge episode 16? We are an actively moderated community.

  • How did Yo-han and Ga-on bring the Foundation down in the finale of The Devil Judge? The Irrefutable Romance I definitely got a kick from the glaring similarities in the above pictures.

  • Especially the one that had been following him for the past couple of months.

The Devil Judge [Episodes 1 & 2] : KDRAMA

This emotion is why the quote at the top of this page is so potent.

  • Yo-Han managed to escape all attempts on his life until then, only to use a bomb to kill the entire team of the Foundation including Sun-ah in the last broadcast of the live court.

  • I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if I were to binge the drama, I think it's better to watch it slowly, but that's just my personal opinion.