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Feelings develop and there's a romantic edge to them as both have admitted to falling in love with the other.

  • Did you feel loved by me? Cassie's choice to hook up with Nate was bad enough but then she continued to see him and hide it from Maddy.

  • He was cheating on Maddy with Jules who he texted multiple nude photos to.

Who Is Alexa Demie? Actress Plays Maddy In 'Euphoria'

However, in the second episode, he desperately pleads with her to leave his home before dangerous people arrive.

  • We're wired to extend more empathy to Cassie, the show's blonde-haired, blue-eyed sweetheart — but while she has her own share of trauma, she's far from harmless.

  • To top it off, when he was asked by a drug dealer if Rue was trustworthy, he called her family and said he trusted her with his life, which is something special.