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But still, pilots made it clear that a machine gun needed to be on board.

  • Its such as you read my thoughts! The canopy was redesigned after the original design lasted an average of 331 hours instead of the required 800 hours.

  • Things like information integration, unpiloted wingmen, better standoff weaponry and 6th gen planes in the pipeline 5 to 10 years earlier than expected in addition to known deficiencies in potential enemy systems all likely play a part in the equation.

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That would have helped lower the cost, and we could have downgraded a bit of the sensitive technology for exports if necessary.

  • To improve pilot visibility, the canopy was moved forward 7 inches 18 cm and the engine intakes moved rearward 14 inches 36 cm.

  • In dogfights, the French jet can play to its strength.

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