India russia - For India, Russia's War on Ukraine Could Be a Gift

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India faces mounting pressure to condemn Russia, a key ally, over Ukraine invasion

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India defends buying discounted Russian oil despite appeal by Truss

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Why India’s arms deals with Russia are about to become a headache for Biden

India asks state firms to consider buying Russian oil assets

During the height of the Cold War, Hindi films were dubbed into Russian and were immensely popular among Muscovites.

  • Obtain your copy Current Geopolitics India has been supportive of Russia during the Ukraine conflict and has either abstained or voted against various anti-Russia votes put forward at the United Nations.

  • When the Soviet Union Afghanistan in 1979 to prop up the new pro-Soviet regime, many in India — including Prime Minister Charan Singh — strongly opposed the invasion.

India defends buying discounted Russian oil despite appeal by Truss

While Western nations have imposed sanctions against Russia over the war in Ukraine, India has not explicitly condemned Moscow's actions there.

  • But even if Beijing moderates its policies and New Delhi reviews its own thinking on China, India has little reason to change its focus on deeper security cooperation with the United States, most notably in the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, a partnership that also includes Japan and Australia.

  • Those who believe that this is an issue, those who are concerned about the situation in Kashmir, those who doubt the Indian policies in Kashmir can travel and see for themselves.