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The Real Reason Kakashi Wears A Mask In Naruto

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Why Does Kakashi Wear A Mask?

Kakashi's Full Face Finally Revealed For All the World to See

He, too, is very interested in getting pictures of Kakashi without his mask on — it would be the biggest scoop of his journalism career in Konoha, after all.

  • He is typically seen reading one of the books in his spare time, making it the only one of his reportedly several hobbies that is ever seen in the series.

  • Kakashi makes one final attempt to draw Sasuke away from a life of vengeance, but Sasuke responds by saying that only by bringing his entire clan back would he stop.

The Real Reason Kakashi Wears A Mask In Naruto

Kakashi is remarkable as an adult in the Naruto universe and was a natural at learning all kinds of ninjutsu when he was a kid.

  • With so many fights in the woods, that means Kakashi spends a lot of time switching his body out with logs to avoid a blow.

  • Although not without considerable effort and difficulty, Kakashi was able to compete with Obito in their final hand-to-hand fight despite his augmentations and eventually gain the upper hand.

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