Haechan ryujin - RUMOR: Haechan de NCT y Ryujin de ITZY podrían estar en una relación

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Haechan from NCT and Ryujin from Itzy dating?

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Haechan NCT dan Ryujin ITZY Lagi

Ryujin haechan Ryujin ITZY

Ryujin haechan ITZY Ryujin

Ryujin haechan NCT’s Haechan

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Is NCT member Haechan Secretly Dating ITZY member Ryujin?

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Ryujin haechan Looks like

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Ryujin haechan Haechan NCT

Is NCT member Haechan Secretly Dating ITZY member Ryujin?

Is NCT's Haechan Secretly Dating ITZY's Ryujin?

How Did the Online Community React to These Speculations? Therefore, these were assumed to be couple items.

  • It highlighted the similarities between Haechan and Ryujin's messages to their fans on Dear U Bubble.

  • Some fans claim that there is something really cooking between Haechan and Ryujin.


The members were curious because Ryujin takes more time with her appearance recently.

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  • Itzy are not allowed to date till 2022.

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