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US, partners launch plan for 'future' of internet, as China, Russia use 'dangerous' malign practices

News china russia 62% of

News china russia 62% of

China and Russia Are Giving Authoritarianism a Bad Name

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China Says U.S. Has Lost Global Credibility, Urges Russia Alignment

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China, Russia, five others make US property rights blacklist

The age gap is most acute when it comes to tensions between China and Taiwan.

  • China and Russia have outlined a vision of international relations in their to each other in disputes with the United States and its allies while cooperating on an array of economic and diplomatic fronts.

  • Republicans are also more likely than they were before to name China: While just 28% of Republicans considered China as the top economy in summer 2020, the share has increased by 21 points to 49% in 2022.


Americans ages 65 and older are more likely than their younger counterparts to hold this view.

  • The right to judge whether a state is democratic belongs only to its people.

  • Confidence in Xi low across many demographic groups Similar to American views of China, ratings of Chinese President Xi Jinping are low among Americans, split almost equally between those with not too much confidence 42% and those with no confidence at all 41%.