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Booking sukiya Sukiyaki (すき焼き)

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SUKIYA is Now Open and Here’s What’s On their Menu!

Accommodations offer separate living rooms and include desks.

  • Just like the Gyudon bowl, you can get this Beef Yakiniku in variations like Melted Cheese, Kimchi, Teriyaki Mayo Sunny Side Up, Spicy Crispy Yakiniku, Crispy Teriyaki Mayo, and Spicy Mayo Sunny Side Up! Restaurants reserve the right to turn away guests who fail to comply with prevailing dine-in regulations.

  • Guest Parking Public parking is possible at a location nearby for free.

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Meanwhile, in the Kanto style, by boiling vegetables and meat under the warishita, the soup stock comes out from the ingredients.

  • Lightweight shōji could be lifted out and carried away easily.

  • Movie and illustrated text article, both available online.