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Rumah the Rumah Kasih

The Rumah Property

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Bible Map: Rumah (Arumah)

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Rumah the Rumah Rakyat

Rumah the The Hills

The Rumah Roy Podcast

Rumah the The Rumah

The Dreamhouse

Parashat Terumah

The body is strong, but fear crushes it.

  • The humor is dark and understated.

  • View of the external carvings of a rumah gadang.

Rumah Group


  • The motifs are based on the Minangkabau concept of aesthetics, which is part of their view of their world Alam Minangkabau in which expression is always based upon the natural environment.

  • Unlike the homes, where the roof essentially creates the living space, the Minangkabau roof rests on conventional walls.