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Wagner hans Hans Wagner

Wagner hans Hans Wegner

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Wagner hans Hans Wegner

Hans Wagner

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Wagner hans Hans Wagner

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Hans Wegner

Until the 1960s, Wegner typically collaborated with cabinetmaker Johannes Hansen to realize his designs, most notably gracefully tapered and curved solid-wood chairs, often composites of wood and woven rattan or leather.

  • Both of these were produced in collaboration with manufacturer Fritz Hansen.

  • In 1971 he arrived in Texas to attend The University of Houston.

Hans Wagner (Christopher), 51

But not just any heist—it involved cracking three safes owned by the fictional safe owner Hans Wagner, and it just so happens that Sebastian idolizes this man.

  • Hans Wegner was a big believer in wood joinery and was fond of mortise and tenon as well as the use of finger joints in his designs.

  • His first significant engagement as a designer was under and Eric Møller, who were designing the new city hall of Aarhus.

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