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Few good qualities about him.

  • They're saying "it doesn't matter if they guy you like is toxic, a potential abuser and player, and if you're gonna get hurt, just go for it because he has a nice d! Cudos to the cast for making our anxieties come alive.

  • The drama had no plot whatsoever it just swinged between the concept of attachment and dissatisfaction, these themes could have been explored more genuinely but sadly that was again, me expecting too much out of this 10 episode of a drama.

Nevertheless (TV Series 2021)

Personally I really enjoyed this drama so much.

  • He tried to but his efforts were diminished by Nabi when she told his gf a very off-putting comment which ruined his relationship with Nabi and his gf.

  • Little Playlist and found what you were looking for, Pt substantive readings will feed joy.