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P pushin Pushin P

What Does "Pushing P" Mean? Gunna’s Viral TikTok Song & Emoji, Explained

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P pushin Pushin P

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Gunna & Future’s ‘Pushin P’ Lyrics

This was a truly hilarious moment for NBA and hip-hop fans to witness.

  • In the week after the album arrived, people all over social media were seen using the term in a number of ways.

  • While some theories totally miss the mark, the 28-year-old has shed light on what he meant by the term.

What does ‘Pushin P’ mean, according to rapper Gunna?

In another theory, a stumped user just wrote: "Wtf does pushin p even mean" with an image of a young child looking clueless.

  • The next day, Gunna referenced the term in another tweet, earning 16,400 likes in the same amount of time shown below, right.

  • You do it in bed; on the bus; at the table; with your friends; before you sleep at night.

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