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Dengan VoLTE Digi, semuanya percuma! Notes accompanying 4G LTE band tabulations There are a few notes that can give some background to the LTE bands defined in the table on the previous page.

  • Most VoLTE deployments involve equipment components from multiple vendors.

  • This means that roaming with LTE may have some limitations as not all handsets or UEs will be able to access the same frequencies.

Vi™ VoLTE Network

For more details see.

  • The TDD LTE bands are unpaired because the uplink and downlink share the same frequency, being time multiplexed.

  • What is the roadmap beyond VoLTE? LTE frequency band 4G LTE frequency band definitions FDD LTE frequency band allocations There is a large number of allocations or radio spectrum that has been reserved for FDD, frequency division duplex, LTE use.

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