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The American Religious Landscape in 2020 Seven in ten Americans 70% identify as Christian, including more than four in ten who identify as white Christian and more than one-quarter who identify as Christian of color.

  • Religious Relativism A second way of responding to the conflicting claims of the different traditions is to remain committed to the truth of one set of religious teachings while at the same time agreeing with some of the central concerns raised by pluralism.

  • In addition, premise b is not necessarily true either.


This necessary thing or being is God.

  • These biological and noƶlogical design arguments have not generally received as much attention as the fine-tuning argument by those engaged in natural theology or by the broader philosophical community.

  • Overwhelmingly supported in the Legions, this deity offered eternal salvation for the immortal soul and its popularity helped pave the way for the later Christian cult whose similarities made its adoption less difficult.