Fun n cheer kepong - How to get to Kedai Serbaneka Fun N Cheer in Petaling Jaya by Bus or MRT & LRT?

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my wildness in my secret life...

Orang asing juga memarahi anak-anak saya kerana memilih mainan untuk melihatnya.

  • Malaysians are trying to cut down on their expenses expect much thinner ang pow! The church was filled with people and everyone has to double parked their cars.

  • And she told me 'cause is public holiday and i know some pubs and bistro got like this sorta party and there's gonna be very fun because we get to scream all we can' And i was like 'oohkay, whatever la just go for a drink'.

8 Places Where you can Grab Some Christmas Decoration With Affordable Price in PJ and KL

Many small shops and restaurants close at least for the two days, sometimes for as long as two weeks, so check before heading out.

  • So God Bless Everyone, your family, your friends and your neighbours even your enemies.

  • True enough, there were alot of people there.