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Yeob sang On The

Yeob sang Are Jessi

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Yeob sang Sixth Sense

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Lee Sang Yeob Makes Heartbreaking Confession That He Doesn't Consider Himself Attractive Or Entertaining

Yeob sang Sixth Sense

Yeob sang Are Jessi

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Jessi Had a 'Lovers Quarrel' with Lee Sang Yeob Because of Lovelyz Mijoo + SHINee Key Becomes a 'Rebound' in 'Sixth Sense 2'

Lee Sang Yeob is a persuasive office worker with hidden insecurities in 'On the Verge of Insanity'; Check out FIRST look

Retrieved July 16, 2021.

  • The spy is Lee Sang-yeob, who won 2 lucky balls as the team aside from Yoo Jae-suk, Mijoo and Yoon Chan-young chose 3, and wrongly predicted Yoon Chan-young as the spy.

  • Original broadcast date Nielsen Korea Nationwide 23 March 18, 2022 3.

Lee Sang Yeob

You will be able to find comfort as you watch the series and find that there are others out there who share your pain and anger.

  • Star News in Korean.

  • Yoo Sun is the obsessed wife.