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Snap thanos Thanos Snap

Snap thanos Thanos Snap

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Doctor Strange 2 Star Reveals If Mordo Survived Thanos’ Snap

Snap thanos Thanos Snap

Snap thanos Artboard 1

Why did Thanos snap his fingers in Infinity War?

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Rather than let the team finish the job, Peter instead attacked Thanos, giving him enough time to break free and incapacitate the team.

  • And the same could be said for the extra-dimensional village of Ta Lo.

  • After Loki gave it to him and then tried to kill him, he murdered Loki as well.

Thanos' Snap Can Explain The MCU's Daredevil & Kingpin Retcon

That requires an explanation as to why the deal was not honored, but Daredevil being one of the billions of could provide an easy answer.

  • The main difference is that Kevin and Gwen didnÂ’t leave for college, and there have been very few villain attacks since Phil has been planning an attack with all the villains when the Snap happened.

  • She feels a bit awkward afterward but she is confident that Todoroki will keep it from becoming something harmful.