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Jun-yeol ryu 10 Film

Jun-yeol ryu Ryu Jun

Jun-yeol ryu 10 Film

Jun-yeol ryu Ryu Jun

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Jun-yeol ryu 'Reply 1988'

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The series shows Jeon Do Yeon as Bu Jeong, who is a ghostwriter and wants to write an original work in her own name.

  • He runs a service company that organizes people to take on different roles required by clients.

  • Regarding work, the two of them provide mutual support.

Ryu Jun Yeol Profile and Facts (Updated!)

While enrolled in university, he took on many part time jobs that included pizza delivery person, day laborer, after-school tutor, and more.

  • Original broadcast date Average audience share Nielsen Korea Nationwide 1 September 4, 2021 4.

  • A time door soon appears between the late Goryeo dynasty period and the present day.

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