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Titanic II (Video 2010)

The new 56,000- ship will have , 840 and max 2435 passengers plus 900 staff and crew.

  • The Chinese group manages energy factories.

  • The room freed up by eliminating the steam boilers of the original ship would have been used for crew quarters and various services.

New Titanic II Ocean Liner Setting Sail in 2022

Palmer said his ambitious plans to launch a copy of the Titanic and sail her across the Atlantic would be a tribute to those who built and backed the original.

  • After signing an agreement with a Monaco-based investment banking company, Gous claimed that construction would begin at Harland and Wolff within nine months.

  • Godspeed to the new ship! When construction had still not begun in 2015 a spokesman for Palmer said the project had merely been delayed, and that the new ship would be launched in 2018 - two years later than initially planned.

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