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Sekai project Project Sekai

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Sekai project Project SEKAI

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Sekai project Project SEKAI

Sekai project Project SEKAI

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Project SEKAI (Video Game)

Asahina Mafuyu

Her regular school uniform is a lighter shade of grey, with a red butterfly ribbon.

  • Its remarkably-developed emulator features enable popular mobile games to run ever smoothly even for low-end PCs.

  • There's also the commissioned song "Nijiro Stories" in which Tsukasa and Emu don't sing at all despite appearing in the music video.

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  • Non-paying players can opt to attend a "Rehearsal" version of Connect Lives that only charges 100 Crystal for entry, but features fewer characters and game size songs, and only lasts 30 minutes compared to the full 1 hour concert.

  • Nothing impressive there, but still gets the job done.