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Despite several delays and release date shifts, a total of nine superhero films are scheduled to release in 2022.

  • With the suit, she can fly and shoot out repulsor grenades, laser beams, precision missiles, and much more.

  • Pixar certainly deserves some credit for embracing a non-blonde, non-blue-eyed heroine at a time when representation is so lacking on the big screen.

All HBO Max Original Shows & Movies Releasing In 2022

We recommend one of the legitimate alternatives on this list.

  • Director James Wan and stars Jason Momoa Aquaman and Amber Heard Mera are now back to try and up the ante for the sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

  • Though we're forced to wait in anguish until September to finally watch Don't Worry Darling, the Florence Pugh and Harry Styles thriller deserves a spot for its trailer alone.