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Ella Enchanted (2004)

Meanwhile, Hattie and Olive are chatting with Edgar.

  • While this is, of course, an oppressive and terrible thing, it's still mind boggling that a country that is so wary of magical creatures would just ignore a fairy who has spent years wreaking havoc on the kingdom.

  • But in spite of all its flaws, the film is ultimately a passable affair which does have one or two surprises in store.

Ella of Frell

Correspondingly, is there an enchanted 2 movie? So he goes to Giantville with Ella and sees that the giants are being treated as slaves.

  • Surely the ogres and elves and giants are tired of being oppressed by Edgar's harsh laws.

  • After escaping from the dungeon with the help of Slannen and other magical creatures, she comes to the rescue and tells Char of his uncle's plot to kill him.

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