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中文 pap smear 子宮頸癌與子宮頸癌前期的防治

中文 pap smear Precancerous Cervical


中文 pap smear Cervical dysplasia:

Cervical cancer screening

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中文 pap smear 子宮頸檢查全資訊|子宮檢查與柏氏抹片可預防子宮頸癌

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中文 pap smear Cervical cancer

中文 pap smear Pap Smears


中文 pap smear 子宮頸癌與子宮頸癌前期的防治

abnormal pap smear

What are pre-cancerous changes? Accessed August 4, 2017.

  • The changes are an improvement for all women, and are even more important for unvaccinated women.

  • You still need to be checked for cancer.


Accessed August 4, 2017.

  • Preparation Avoid cell testing when you are menstruating.

  • For more information on how Australia is leading the world when it comes to eliminating cervical cancer as a public health issue with our world-leading screening and immunisation program, watch the video below.