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In the event of a severe deflation, correct pilot input will speed recovery from a deflation, but incorrect pilot input may slow the return of the glider to normal flight, so pilot training and practice in correct response to deflations are necessary.

  • Many paragliding accidents are the result of a combination of pilot error and poor flying conditions.

  • How will I know if conditions are good to fly? I got the Woody Valley Exact harness today AND LOVE IT! The IPPI specifies five stages of paragliding proficiency, from the entry level ParaPro 1 to the most advanced stage 5.

Paragliding Training and Tandem Flights

Once a finds a thermal column, he or she can circle within it until reaching a desired altitude.

  • The gliders are then inflated causing them to rise best brands dhv,bhpa from the ground until it is in an overhead position.

  • A glider can reach altitudes of more than 35,000 feet or 10,668 meters using oxygen by utilizing wave lift.