Euphoria high school - Here's What The 'Euphoria' Cast Looked Like When They Were Actually Teenagers

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What 'Euphoria' Gets Right About The High School Experience

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High school euphoria 'Euphoria High:'

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Is ‘Euphoria’ Realistic? My High School Experience Was Just Like It

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Where is Euphoria based? Here are the filming locations of the HBO teen drama

Cassie gets excessively drunk; when Nate unexpectedly arrives and discusses his ongoing involvement with Maddy, Cassie changes into a revealing swimsuit and eventually vomits in front of the guests.

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  • He also learns of Jules's and Nate's relationship; Fez lets him leave on the condition that he ceases to pursue revenge against him and keeps Nate from further antagonizing Rue and Jules.

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Earlier, Lexi is seen talking to Fezco as she worries that people will be upset by the play; he later promises to attend her play.

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