Xxxholic - xxxHOLiC (2022)

Xxxholic xxxHOLiC(Production I.G改编的电视动画)_百度百科

Xxxholic ホリック実写映画が面白くない?口コミの評価/評判は?

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xxxHOLiC Rei

Xxxholic XXXHOLiC (TV

Xxxholic XXXHolic: 5

Xxxholic xxxHOLiC (2022)

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Xxxholic xxxHOLiC


Xxxholic XXXHolic: 5

Xxxholic XXXHOLiC (TV

Xxxholic XXXHolic: 5

xxxHolic, Vol. 7 (xxxHOLiC, #7) by CLAMP

xxxHOLiC Rei

Four years after Yūko's death, Watanuki meets in one of his dreams and as they are talking, Haruka points out that Watanuki is wearing his glasses even though he does not need them.

  • An can either make or break an anime.

  • In this episode, Watanuki is shown bringing out the Mokonas.

XXXHOLiC (TV Series 2005– )

A History of Re-Imagining The World For over a century, Kodansha has relentlessly pursued quality and creativity, which allows us to continuously reimagine what could be.

  • The mystery leads to mystery, and reaches the unexpected! The series starts off in Overall Rating: A- Synopsis: xxxHolic by follows Watanuki, an orphan who is plagued by spirits.

  • In that same volume, the gentleman whom he delivers the birds has several badges similar to those of Fei Wong from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.