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Dzuleira Abu Bakar, CEO, Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre

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Dzuleira Abu Bakar

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Dzuleira Abu Bakar, CEO at MaGIC on entrepreneurship

Nowadays, drone tech is widely-used commercially and even by amateur pilots for their own personal use.

  • The pandemic has presented us the opportunity to accelerate structural changes to the economy, in terms of digitisation, digitalisation, automation and robotics, and we must embrace that change to vault Malaysia towards becoming an innovation driven economy.

  • This means thinking like entrepreneurs from the get-go, and knowing how to generate income first and foremost.

Management Team

Palm oil, petroleum, solar energy sectors As the second-largest producer of palm oil in the world, Malaysia has great potential to develop drone tech.

  • The first phase of the project in Cyberjaya seeks to assess the capability, experience, approval process, deployment readiness and service expansion of the drone operators.

  • The drone delivery of goods can be expanded and scaled up beyond e-commerce, such as delivery of essential or medical supplies to areas that are rural, remote, or affected by natural disasters.