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What is most likely to happen to him? Ask Kiki for Zeny Which of the following four members of the Kingdom of Rune — Midgarts does not belong to the same organization as the other three? Tavern Minigame Which of the following materials is required for refining weapons level 1 through 4? Questions Answers Monster Researcher Norten is compiling the Monster Encyclopedia.

  • Spellcaster Which of the following does not grant Activity? Or if you are confident, you can do 1x Normal and 2x Hard.

  • With which of the following Enchantment Stone can she enchant it? If you want to see one, where should you look? Res: 1% Flee: 1% Card Effect Shoes : M.


The same is true with Whisper esp.

  • Abbey Type: Medium Element: Shadow Race: Demon Health: 1,959,646 Def: 31.

  • You can filter it by Farming Method, Attribute and Race.