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Funeral Procession Etiquette

Meaning cortege The Funeral

Meaning cortege Cortege Urdu

Meaning cortege What does

Meaning cortege Funeral procession

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Meaning cortege CORTEGE

Cortege Definition & Meaning

Meaning cortege cortege: Meaning

Meaning cortege What does

Meaning cortege The Funeral

Cortege Definition & Meaning

The Funeral Procession

In more modern times and places outside of India, the domestic traditions of decorating the body, , and offering rice balls occurs at the family home or funeral home instead of at the cremation site.

  • Below them is a cortege of animals and deities playing musical instruments.

  • Coolies laborers are hired and divided into two groups; the rokushaku group carries the and coffin and the hirabito group carries the paper and fresh flowers and lanterns.

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  • This is seen as a sign of respect, and allows other cars the opportunity to join or catch up to the procession.

  • Un piquet d'honneur faisait partie du cortège.