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Bumiputera Development Action 2030 to be launched by PM will be direction of Bumi agenda in next 10 years, says Teraju CEO

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Dana Kerajaan Untuk Membantu Membiayai Usahawan

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Malaysia teraju Home page

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Teraju Tiga Group Sdn Bhd. Children Playground Manufacturer Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia teraju Teraju Sinar

About Us

As of December 31st, 2017, these initiatives resulted in RM122.

  • TOMSB was incorporated with Companies Commission of Malaysia, under the Company Act 1965 on 31 st October 2013.

  • SME Bank Pihak SME Bank juga menawarkan pembiayaan khas kepada syarikat kecil dan sederhana.

Teraju Farma Sdn Bhd Company Profile

Utilizing our own personnel and equipment, we are confident to offers our clients the best catering and associated services.

  • Jika anda berminat untuk memohon skim yang ditawarkan, anda boleh pergi ke pejabat TEKUN berhampiran untuk dapatkan borang permohonan.

  • The event was organised to introduce and disseminate the vision and mission of TPB2030 developed by Teraju as the main coordinating agency mandated by the Bumiputera Prosperity Council MKB to lead, drive and coordinate Bumiputera participation in the national economy.

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