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These holidays honor the Italian explorer but do not follow the federal government's Thanksgiving holiday pattern.

  • I want to say kirkcaldy court was closed for this too, but can't be certain.

  • Borlaug World Food Prize Day Iowa Special Days October-16, Sunday I Am An American Day Florida Designated Days in Florida October-16, Sunday Shut-in Day Pennsylvania Special Days October-17, Monday School Bus Drivers Appreciation Day Georgia Special Days October-18, Tuesday Alaska Day Alaska Public Holidays October-18, Tuesday Disabilities History Day New York Designated Days October-18, Tuesday Willie Horton Day Michigan Special Days October-19, Wednesday Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day Texas Recognition Days October-19, Wednesday Yorktown Day Virginia Special Days October-23, Sunday Beirut Marin Barracks Bombing Remembrance Day Arizona Special Days October-24, Monday Birthday of William Penn Pennsylvania Special Days October-25, Tuesday Hurricane Thanksgiving Virgin Islands Public Holidays October-27, Thursday Theodore Roosevelt Day New York Designated Days October-28, Friday Native American Day California Special Days October-28, Friday Nevada Day Nevada Public Holidays October-29, Saturday Virginia Drug Free Day Virginia Special Days October-30, Sunday Rudolfo Anaya I Love to Read Day New Mexico Special Days October-31, Monday Youth Honor Day Iowa Special Days.

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According to the Labor Law, anyone who works on a national holiday due to the nature of their job is entitled to twice their normal salary for every hour worked.

  • My department have cancelled clinics, reduced operations and virtually everyone is on leave because apparently it's a Fife public holiday?! With spirally debt worrying economists and businesses, less sales equals less ability to pay debt.

  • But when he didn't deliver gold, they sent him back to Spain with only plants and animals instead.

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