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Visitors can get a closer look at local fauna from the Flamingo Pond Lookout or spot rock iguanas along Bones Bight Nature Trail.

  • Residents here are largely Christian, with 40 percent of the population identifying as Baptist, 16 percent identifying as Methodist and 18 percent identifying as Anglican.

  • Puerto Rico Source: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico Defended by the age-stained bulwarks of colonial forts and crenulated, cannon-holding palisades, washed over by some of the wildest surf spots in the Caribbean think the legendary likes of Tres Palmas, Rincon and the Middels , trodden by the likes of Christopher Columbus and the marauding pirates of the great seas, and shaped by American and Spanish history alike, Puerto Rico is unquestionably one of the jewels of the region.

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Then, on the inland hills, visitors can seek out the birthplace of legendary Bob Marley at Nine Mile, or simply opt to flit between the rum bars of Kingston listening to the master and his steel-drum, Rasta off-beats.

  • And, while the is filled over 7,000 individual islands, there are actually only 13 sovereign island nations and 12 dependent territories.

  • The is located off the north-western coast.