J3super - The Parkzone J3 Cub. BL. RTF Electric.

J3super Mandatory survey

J3super 1956 Piper

J3super J

1956 Piper Super Cub PA

J3super 1956 Piper

Built Environment

J3super Piper J3

Mandatory survey

J3super Super Cub

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Piper J3 Super Cub

J3super 1947 J3

J3super Piper J

Super Cub Parts

J3super J3 Cub

[2022] Download Official SuperSu v2.82 (SuperSu Zip and APK)

The 1949 Piper Clipper lasted for only one year.

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  • As soon as your device screen goes black, immediately leave the Volume down button and swap to Volume Up button while still holding other 2 buttons.


Less common modifications include clipped wings or slotted wings.

  • You can hibernate any app you want.

  • The upper and lower door sections are hinged on the fuselage using vinyl sheet.

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