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  • Ο αριθμός αυτός ονομάζεται , αποτελεί φυσική σταθερά και συμβολίζεται με Ν Α.

  • Following such changes, "one mole" of a substance was redefined as containing "exactly 6.


Jos sinulla on koulutuksen numero tiedossa, kirjoita se alla olevaan kenttään ja siirry hakemukselle.

  • Στην ποσότητα αυτή του άνθρακα-12 12C περιέχονται 6,02214199×10 23 άτομα άνθρακα.

  • This would lead to some confusion between atomic masses promoted by proponents of atomic theory and promoted by its opponents and which sometimes differed from relative atomic masses by an integer factor , which would last throughout much of the nineteenth century.