Mh370 found 2021 - Investigative journalist reveals shocking new theory on missing Malaysia Airlines MH370

2021 mh370 found ‘It will

MH370 found at last? Note, finder’s comments about pilot are BS.

2021 mh370 found Malaysia Airlines

2021 mh370 found ‘It will

2021 mh370 found FBI Investigation

mh370 passengers family

2021 mh370 found Investigative journalist

2021 mh370 found 7 Years

2021 mh370 found Brit MH370

2021 mh370 found MH370: Probable

MH370 New Credible Evidence (Updated)

2021 mh370 found Hopes MH370

2021 mh370 found Death threats

MH370 Debris Drift Analysis (Updated)

In other places, it appears directly in small areas with clear sky below.

  • Later, Malaysian authorities tried to replicate this event with a reconstruction excercise and were unsuccessful.

  • Right now everything feels like new evidence, so the theory I wrote feels like the most plausible explanation.

MH370 trending after British engineer claims he has located where it crashed

Spoiler with annotations for identified features.

  • The captain could not possibly have known in advance that a Chinese agent was going to be on board MH370, therefore your question about the inclusion of Diego Garcia in the standard Microsoft Flight Simulator product is irrelevant in this context.

  • Retrieved 28 September 2014.