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Taijumi Taiju Shiba

Taiju Shiba

Taijumi Takumi Japanese

Taijumi Takumi Sushi

Taiju Oki

Taijumi Takumi Japanese

Taijumi Takumi

Taijumi Takumi Japanese

Taijumi Taiju Oki

Taijumi Takumi Sushi

Taijumi Company


Takumi Sushi

LOCATIONS We currently have three brick and mortar locations serving Midtown and the West Side of Manhattan and we also return every year to Smorgasburg in Williamsburg and Prospect Park, Brooklyn during the Summer.

  • Emily Fajardo Young "Shooting people with machine guns without warning isn't nice! With the Piggy app you can collect points in all Takumi stores in D├╝sseldorf! Intelligence Not only is Taiju intelligent enough to utilize his assets, such as having raise funding for his gang, but he himself is financially competent.

  • He also refused to de-petrify her until after clothing her, proving to be a gentleman and considerate of the feelings of others.

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