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Spperak Speak

Spperak Speak


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Spperak SPdPR: Pautan

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Spperak Speak

Spperak The S.P.E.A.K.

SPdPR: Pautan Sistem Pelaporan PdPR bagi Semua Negeri

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It affirms our progressive self-image, reflecting the allure of our pretensions back at us as we articulate its diction and idioms.

  • The permeation of our minds with equity speak — in media, education, entertainment, and religion — creates pernicious incentive structures throughout society.

  • It has all linguistic features from phonology to syntax as found in spoken language.

Speak (2004)

I will say this, people need to speak slow, it helps a lot.

  • Word History: Because English is a Germanic language, first-year German produces many moments of recognition for English speakers and several puzzles.

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