Yb ronnie liu - The NEP: one of the roots of corruption

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Ronnie liu yb Ronnie Liu


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Ronnie liu yb ‘Communist gathering’:

Ronnie liu yb Ronnie Liu

Siapa Ronnie Liu persoal pangkat, tugas polis

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Fahami hal berkaitan arak dan Islam

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Ronnie liu yb JK Klang

Ronnie liu yb Fahami hal

[VIDEO] Yb Ronnie Liu kena sound dengan Polis gagal tunjuk surat rentas Negeri

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YB Ronnie Liu

On a different note in November planning to have a non violence against women, children and animals event.

  • I challenged him with two questions: a He was told who dumped the polystyrene boxes near Vergine Restaurant in Desa Aman Puri.

  • Syabas to them, and now lets, see you 'here in my home'! I will just abolish all licence and permit requirements.

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