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How and When Did Dorothea Puente Die? Who Were Dorothea Puente's Victims?

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12 Horrific Facts About Dorothea Puente, The Death House Landlady

Dorothea Puente and Crime Assignment.

Puente maintained her innocence throughout the trial Puente attracted the attention of authorities after Alvaro Montoya, a man placed in her boarding house, vanished.

  • Cops hauling away body bags.

  • Puente went to state prison for three years after police discovered that activity.

La historia de Dorothea Puente, una abuela asesina

Sharp also told police that Puente had hired prisoners on work furlough to dig and fill large holes in the backyard, and that some of the holes were covered with concrete.

  • For the first time, her gaze squarely meets mine.

  • In June 2020, the house was featured in a ten-minute documentary with about the purchase and renovation of the house by the current owners.