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“Hwarang” (화랑: 더 비기닝)

Ending hwarang Hwarang


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Ending hwarang 'Hwarang Episode

Ending hwarang 'Hwarang Episode

Ending hwarang Hwarang Review

Ending hwarang Hwarang episode

‘Hwarang’ Episode 18: Fans Enraged Over BTS V Character’s Demise

Park Seo Joon had amazing chemistry in his last drama with Hwang Jung Eum and Go Ara did well in Reply 1994.

  • Whilst at no point in the series were we directly told that these two characters had feelings for each other, it was certainly obvious that Joon-Hwi felt some type of connection.

  • He is reckless and literally only cares about Ah Ro when did they even fall in love bye -- someone like him doesn't want to be king nor does he deserve to.

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