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Sauce sesame SESAME SAUCE

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Sauce sesame Sesame sauce

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Sauce sesame Sesame Sauce

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Goma Dare (ごまだれ) Japanese Sesame Sauce

I was able to find this in the Asian section at my local grocery store, but you can always order it online, if you can't find it at your grocery store.

  • I just wish it wasn't so thin.

  • Especially if you are using peanut butter or tahini, it will add a very delicious nutty flavor.

Sesame Chicken Sauce Recipe

Leafy greens, cherry tomatoes and some store bought fresh sashimi, topped with crunchy fried shallots and this dressing.

  • You can also use to boost the taste if you like a spicy sauce.

  • Only the second time I made this sauce --- Today --- Did I realise my mistake! You can find it in Asian grocery stores or.